Advanced state full firewall integrated with L7 application control, intrusion prevention, SSLVPN, IPSec VPN, web filtering, users authentication functionalities.
Shield UTM appliances comes with four 1Gbps LAN ports & two 1Gbps WAN ports, one auxiliary console port & One USB port.
Warranty Info

1 Year warranty

Key Features


  • State full Firewall with connections tracking capabilities
  • Dynamic/Static NAT, Port forwarding
  • Prevention of DOS, DDOS & IP Spoofing
  • Bandwidth control
  • Multicast forwarding
  • TCP syn cookies
  • MAC filtering
  • QOS/Diffserv marking
  • Content Filtering - Blocking Java/ActiveX/Proxy/Cookies
  • L7 Application Control with 70+ protocols support
  • Transparent Firewall/Routed Firewall mode
  • Use of Policy Objects for Firewall/NAT Policies Configuration
  • Support for multiple firewall zones
  • Zone based security policies

Intrusion Prevention

  • Intrusion Prevention enabling both Signature based Detection and Detailed Protocol Decoders.
  • Support for Automatic Signature Updates
  • Support for Custom Signatures with Intuitive signature configuration wizard
  • Supporting the signatures from Emerging threats/Snort VRT


  • SSLVPN Solution - Access Gateway Mode
  • SSLVPN Site-to-Site VPN tunnel support
  • Locally managed SSLVPN Client Profiles
  • Two factor Authentication enabling Password/Certificates based Authentication for SSLVPN Clients
  • Use of Pre shared Keys/Certificates for P2P Authentication
  • TCP/UDP Based Tunnels
  • AES/DES/BF/CAST5/RC2 Encryption
  • Traffic compression
  • Tunnel All Traffic mode support on the client side.
  • Supporting up to 25 VPN Clients
  • Support for Mobile VPN Clients
  • Easy to use VPN User Profiles/P2P Policies Configuration


  • Tunnel/Transport Mode
  • IKE Exchange - Main/Aggressive/Base mode
  • DES/3DES/Blowfish/Cast128/AES Encryptio
  • MD5/SHA Digest Authentication
  • Pre shared Keys/Certificates/Password Authentication
  • IKE/Diffe Hellman Group
  • AH/ESP Support
  • IPSec/PFS Group Support
  • Traffic Compression
  • Dead Peer Detection

Web Filtering

  • Web filtering with Squid Proxy – Support for URLs/Regular expression based Filtering
  • Categories based Filtering with URL Blacklist service
  • Users/User Groups based Web filtering Policies
  • SSL Proxy
  • Explicit/Transparent Proxy mode support
  • Limiting Http connections per Network/Users/User Groups
  • Filtering based on Web request/response size
  • SSL Control
  • Digest Based Authentication for locally managed Users
  • Web Caching with USB Based Storage
  • Localization Support for Web filtering Blocking Pages
  • Custom Webfilter Blocking Page support
  • External Webproxy support


  • Onboard ClamAV Engine support
  • AV Inspection of Web traffic


  • DHCP Server Support per Network Subnet/Vlan
  • DNS
  • Static routes
  • Virtual IP
  • DDNS
  • VLAN/801.q
  • Dual WAN with Wan Failover/Load Balancing (Only Available in SMB Model )
  • Firewall zones/port mapping
  • PPPoE Support

Device Management

  • WebUI accessible via SSL
  • SSH CLI access
  • NTP
  • SNMP v1/v2/v3 support
  • Syslog
  • Provision to update firmware via WebUI
  • Factory Reset
  • Diagnostic utilities
  • Certificates management for web proxy/SSLVPN/IPSec services


  • Log viewer for accessing Syslog logs/Security Alerts
  • Firewall Connections Monitoring
  • DHCL Clients Status
  • VPN Connections Monitoring
  • Graphical reports on System Resources Usage/FW Connections Monitoring/IPS Alerts
  • Web filtering Reports
  • Bandwidth usage report