About Us

CEM Solutions drives production of future generation products related to voice and video over IP technologies. We build today the products that will become basic necessity in the world of tomorrow. Our mission is to lead the world towards future telecommunication products. We are currently doing our R & D at Bangalore on different VoIP products for Residential users, SMB units and large multi national corporations. All of them need a very niche and quality in the products they use which could only be build with thorough knowledge and day to day research activities. It involves gathering the best brains from across the globe who have spent a lot of years on technology development and who have proved the unique positions in the market as our consultants. Our engineers are in direct contact with those consultants to solve the big puzzle of future communication methodologies. We have our product lines on software and hardware whether it is voice, video, triple play, future broadcast over IP technologies.

Our past experiences have shown that one is never better served than by himself, this has taught us to do a lot of in house development at CEM. We also go to the extent of manufacturing our products at our own state of the art manufacturing unit at Electronic city, Bangalore. The vast array of our product line is built at our only cutting edge R & D research lab at Bangalore. This is the single and most important R & D centre for CEM solutions. So our Indian engineers have an upper hand on all the decisions and break through innovations that are accomplished here. CEM is one giant roof under which all the brainstorming sessions leading to decisions pertaining to planning, designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling. CEM is one sure winner with one arm of highly talented Indian software genes and another arm of highly talented Canadian marketing team.