CEM follows a proven product development process that is based on ISO 9001 standards. This state-of-the-art process has been designed to incorporate concurrent design methodologies, experienced program management and leading edge development tools.

Our design services form a critical first step in supporting customers throughout the entire product life cycle. Leveraging expertise in electronic products manufacturing, CEM works with its customers to strengthen product design & shorten time-to market.

Our design focus on flexibility providing a solution that is the right fit for customer requirements. CEM will develop a comprehensive skill set to serve customer needs in this critical stage of Electronic Manufacturing services such as:

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
Design for Production (DFP)
Manufacturing process instruction (MPI)
Process Management plans (PMP)
Tooling development & automation of the assembly line process
Quality Control

Design for Quality (DFQ)
Critical parameter control plan (CPCP)
Statistical Quality control

From pre-design to post installation, CEM works closely with customers to provide tailored test engineering & development solutions.
SMT Assembly

Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) offers the latest SMT technology & processes, combined with state-of-the-art quality management systems, on a global scale. The company specializes in high volume, high complexity mixed technology by using SMT machines. Our SMT is having capacity to placement like Ball Grid Array(BGA), QFP & connector.

CEM offers assembly & both in-circuit & functional testing from the company’s. All facilities feature state-of the-art equipment with 3D solder volume paste, AOI & X-ray inspection capabilities, complemented by a tight process monitoring.

Our assembly services are complemented by front-end product development capabilities including strong design experience. Our first Motto is QUALITY.

Line Capabilities

  • MIN : 0402 chip ( up to 0201 can be handle )
  • MAX : 45x45mm Squre parts / 45x150mm (Connectors)
  • CCGA
  • COB
  • CSPS
  • Double sided, Mirrored BGA assembly
  • Double sided, single reflow processing
  • Fine pitch high pin count press fit connectors
  • Flip chip
  • Lead free assembly
  • uBGA
  • Continuous flow SMT lines
  • Optical splicing


CEM Commitment to quality is evidenced by Continuous improvement of the day-to-day operations in our factory. CEM actively investigates new strategies & quality concepts for evaluation & inclusion into standard quality processes & tools. Standardization of CEM core processes & methodologies, combined with lean manufacturing, promotes total employee involvement & excellence in Manufacturing.

Testing Development

From Pre-design to Post-installation, CEM works closely with customers to provide tailored test engineering & development solutions. To maintain test efficiency, we continually evaluate product test flow & cycle time Optimization, ultimately we can trim costs, reduce downtime & improve yields.


  • 5DX
  • AOI
  • Burn In
  • ICT – in circuit test
  • Functional verification test (FVI)
  • Diagnostic
  • X-ray


  • Surface mount technology
  • Mixed Technology assemblies
  • Fine pitch QFP,QFN
  • BGA, Micro-BGA,
  • Systems and Box Build
  • Functional Test
  • Device Programming
  • Automated Optical Inspection
Machine Specifications
Machines Specifications
Screen Printers – DEK ELAI & MPM
  • Auto vision system
  • Under stencil cleaner wet/dry
  • Stencil standard 29x29 frame size
  • Max Board Size: 20"x 16"(508mm x 406mm)
  • Max Print Area: 18"x 16"(457.2mm x 406.4mm)
Paste Inspection Cyber Optics SE300
  • 100% 3D Solder Paste Inspection for fine pith
  • 3D Height, True Volume and Area Measurements
  • Easy and Flexible Programming
Fuji XP-142E & CP-732E
  • PCB Size   :   Min (50 x 50) mm, Max (457 x 356) mm
  • Applicable Comp   :   0402(01005) to 20x25mmHgt up to 6mm.
  • Accuracy   :   Small comp: +/-0.05mm.
  • CPH   :   Max 0.165 sec/comp,21,800cph.
  • Feeder cap   :   100 types(8mm tape).
  • But handled 0201 package components.
Fuji XP-242E & XP-243E
  • PCB Size   :   Min (50 x 80) mm, Max (356 x 457) mm
  • Applicable Comp   :   0402(01005) to 45x45mm Squre parts / 45x150mm (Connectors) component height Max 25.4mm
  • Accuracy   :   Small comp: +/-0.05mm. QFP:+/-0.03mm@ 3 sigma, +/- 0.100 mm (6 sigma: small chips, +/- 0.030 mm, 3 sigma, +/- 0.060 6 sigma; QFP's
  • CPH   :   Max 0.43 sec/comp; rectangular chips, from 0.56 Sec / components; IC's ( QFP 48 pin; 0.56 sec, BGA 225 pin ;0.74 sec
  • Feeder cap   :   Up to 40 types(8mm tape). Rare ( trays); 10 types on 10 shelves / 20 types on 10 shelves.
Reflow Oven – Vitronics Soltec XPM 520 & BTU
  • Air/N2 Ready
  • F5 heating zones & 8 heating zones.
  • Board Size: Min 50 mm to 450 mm
AOI–Yesh tech
  • Inspection capabilities 5 250,000 comp/hour Max board siz:22"x20" Min component size:0201-01005 Operating system: Windows XP Professiona Imager:Multiple thin camera Resulution:1080x1024; 25Pixel.
EMS Wave Sodlering
  • Max PCB SIZE handling   :   304 mm (L) x 406 mm(W)
  • Fluxer Unit   :   Foam fluxer
  • Soldering Unit   :   Solder POT 170 kg
  • Conver Angle   :   3,4, 5 Deg
  • Conveyor Type   :   Pallet type
  • Pre Heater Type   :   IR Pre Heater
In-circuit tester. Concorde make Model T 800 FV
  • Checks IC Missing and orientation.
  • Ten highest component failure display.
  • Auto guarding and Pin number search function.
  • Self diagnostic function & Loop test.
  • A fixed voltage generator offers a fast method of charging the Capacitors and saves time during test.
HP 5DX X-Ray Inspection Series II machine
  • Automatic analysis of joints.
  • High repeatability measurements.
  • Accurate good/bad decisions.
  • Display of cross sectional images.
  • High fault coverage, typically 98% of process defects
Universal Gang
Programmer LP- 456
  • User RAM   :   64 MBytes
  • Button/Switch   :   START LED / ID Setting
  • User Interface   :   Power LED, Work / Pass / Fail LEDs on each site
  • Communication   :   USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Power   :   100V AC~240V AC
  • Frequency Range   :   50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption   :   75W(Max)
  • Number of Ports available   :   8 Ports at a time
ROHS Compliance

All our products could be designed to comply with these EU directives providing Independent proof of compliance, including component vendor’s conformity self declarations of each component type.

Vendors supplying products to CEM-Solutions also comply with the requirements of above mentioned, and are responsible for ensuring that their component suppliers also provide proof of conformity.