We the R&D of CEM believe without any doubt that VoIP is the future of telephony, CEM is 'the' place to work if you also believe in the future of media over IP.

Our network puts it best effort of carrying the voice and video conferencing packets across the globe. We have developed and started deploying products and technologies which will make you feel like part of a sci-fi movie. This makes us look for people who are flexible enough to adapt the currently volatile and evolving technologies.

We believe that our most valuable asset is our people.

We think outside the box;
we are looking for people who do the same.

We have for mission to find innovative and driven people willing to take on challenges, adapt to new technologies and growth within our organization. The creation and adaptation of new technologies is always a challenge in a business where standards are boundless. Each year a new set of skills is required to stay with the current wave of technology.

If you are smart, humble and passionate, If you are looking for a place where your hard work and ideas are recognized where you can growth and extend your set of skills, CEM is the place for you.

We're hiring for a wide variety of positions across the company from design and engineering to marketing, sales, and IT.
Benifits at CEM

>> Inspired on all levels by our Canadian HQ, CEM India has adopted a Western approach to productivity that has proven highly efficient.

>> CEM does not follow the philosophy of more head count the better the quarter results. We do not believe in numbers but quality especially when it comes
     down to work environment. "Quality and not quantity" is our motto..

>> The health of every CEM employee and their family is guarded by the best med claim and insurance policies.

>> CEM is a marriage of fun and work. That’s how we believe, to achieve, to be the best in the industry.