One of the most attractive google android based smart operator IP Phone / consoles on the market
The astroid operator console is a product of used as an office receptionist phone system. Often referred to as an operator or switchboard,’s virtual receptionist console is an affordable replacement to the traditional button bank.

Comes with a very intuitive touch screen user interface primarily used for call handling and monitoring users' lines. Also used for live call monitoring in an open source IP-PBX or SIP based PBX. In a system with hundreds of users, the Astroid Operator can accept the calls, perform directory look up, and can view the status of the users' line (forwarded, busy, idle or ringing) and advise the callers of the line status. The Operator Console can then transfer the call to the user by just one or two touches of the phone panel screen. The primary benefit of the user interface is for quicker transaction time and subsequent customer satisfaction improvement.
Warranty Info

1 Year warranty

Key Features

  • Live monitoring of extensions: Each account Contact will be configurable through AMI/ presence to support BLF (Busy Lamp Field) on the SIP based PBX.
  • Support of multiple SIP accounts: 4 SIP accounts. Support multiple SIP proxy, registrar, and outbound proxies.
  • Each account has separate call logs: List dialed, answered, missed calls with call duration, date & time.
  • User grid layout: Operator can see all the extensions and their status. Visual phonebook of the connected PBX will be for the operator contacts information.
  • Multi lines: 12 lines at a time
  • Each account will have separate favorites list configuration ( Speed dial)
  • Software license based application: The application will work after applying the license from the CEM solutions. Extensions search options
  • Call time display, call held Time display and call Held time warning indicators
  • Queued call count display
  • Uses STUN support
  • Audio with G.711 ulaw, G.711 alaw and GSM

Call Features

  • Originate calls: Local, PBX trunk calls
  • Auto answer
  • Call hold with music / Call resume ( Display the Hold Duration)
  • Call forward
  • Blind transfer, attended transfer
  • Three party audio conference call
  • Operator queued call list.
  • Speed Dial
  • DTMF support (Telephone tones) using RFC2833

Android Features

  • The Application will open automatically if receives incoming call.
  • Missed call alerts for each accounts
  • Redial from the call logs.
  • Call logs grouping
  • Email sent from the application
  • Web browser: Open browser from the application
  • Calendar events add/ view from the application
  • Per account based call alerts from the android notification manager.