First of its kind in the industry, our card allows you to switch from PCI to PCIe interface simply by flipping the daughter board attached to it. see video here: Click

The card is available in 4 ports only.

The card is manufactured with the highest quality components and PCB in our fully automatic Surface Mount Technology factory. See video here: Click

ALLO supports the AsteriskTM community and has opted NOT to copy the DigiumTM PCI ID, like other manufacturers do unlawfully and against the will of DigiumTM. For you, the customer, this means you are buying a card which will continue to work with DAHDI when DigiumTM, the owner of AsteriskTM, decides to change their code in order to block the rogue manufacturers. Use our patched DAHDI version provided.

Should you choose to purchase the optional Line Echo Cancellation module which uses the industry standard Octassic® DSP, you will also receive for FREE our Conference Room Software. Once installed, the software allows you to set up, schedule and manage conferences which are MIXED IN THE Octassic® DSP.

Click here to see the software and features
System Admin (username: admin / Password: admin)
Conference Creator (username: creator / Password: creator)
Conference Admin User (username: cadmin / Password: cadmin)

Hardware conference mixing is much more superior in sound quality and won't use any CPU resources.

Finally, all our 2nd generation cards are sold with the ALLO Card Installation Software. If you decide to use it, the card installation and configuration will be quick and easy, no more commands. Check below the access to the DEMO GUI of the ALLO Card Installation Software and Conference Room Software.

Video Demo: PCI to PCIe Switch
Dynamic Buffer Adjustment
Manual Interop
Field Firmware Upgrade
PCI/PCIe on same board
Works directly with DAHDI
Certified by
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Warranty Info

5 Years warranty

Key Features

  • SS7 Signaling supported
  • PCI and PCIe interface on the same card. Fully PCI 2.2/PCIe (X1) compliant
  • Four T1/E1/J1 ports with PCI-Express interface for high performance voice applications
  • Optimized per channel DMA streams and hardware-level HDLC handling unload the host CPU
  • Optional Octasic® DSP Echo Cancellation Module 128ms tail/channel (on all channel densities)
  • PRI Switch Compatibility: EuroISDN, Network or CPE, AT&T 4ESS, CAS Voice Modes
  • Interoperable with AsteriskTM, FreeswitchTM, YATETM, ElastixTM, TrixboxTM, FreePBXTM ...